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An exciting new product announcement.

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The days of inconsistent coffee are over. The world’s leader in elemental and crystallographic analysis instrumentation is bringing the same cutting edge technology used in their research-grade laboratory instruments to the food service sector. The “Brewker” B8 percolation instrument has revolutionized the hot beverage industry by applying the same stringent repeatability techniques employed in their XRD and WDXRF machines to the humble coffee maker.


Key features:

  • Six lab-grade thermocouples monitor water temperature throughout the brewing process to ensure optimal consistency from the top of the grounds to the bottom.
  • The internal water purification module produces high-grade distilled water from any tap source. Subsequent particulate filtration, UV sterilization and ion-exchange operations are performed simultaneously because honestly, if you wouldn’t put it in your HPLC, you shouldn’t put it in your coffee.
  • Hall effect flow rate sensing controls the filling rate to within 0.001 L/m. A variable speed pump with high frequency bypass system adjusts fluid pressure 200 times every second.
  • Primary water is heated by the integrated inductive furnace and platinum boiler for the highest purity possible.
  • The effects of ambient temperature fluctuations are mitigated by the in-situ microwave temperature stabilization system which maintains water temperature to within 0.02 degrees C from the boiler to your cup.
  • The “Grounds Control” system integrates a proprietary laser particle size and CCD based shape analyzer for ultimate control.
  • A fully automated Nitric acid flush cycle guarantees that residual contamination does not exceed 100ppt from cup-to-cup.



  • For the highest quality coffee possible, “Brewker” exclusive Poly Crystalline Diamond (PCD) coated Pt coffee mugs are recommended.
  • Basic and premium coverage support contracts are available on an annual basis. Remote diagnostics are possible when the B8 is connected to your site LAN.
  • All temperature and flow rate tolerances may be reduced by 50% when the “Brewker” B8 is equipped with the optional line voltage conditioner and UPS module.
  • The “Starbucks” discrimination function extends the Grounds Control capabilities to include protection against inferior, consumer-grade coffees.
  • GC/Mass Spec and ICP quality assurance system analyzes aromatics and final composition.
  • For the ideal grind, there’s no better option than the new McCone Micronizing coffee grinder. The combined shearing and impact action of 50 individual elements offers unparalleled particle size and shape consistency.
  • Free NSF grant proposal consultation for all degree-granting academic institutions! The only thing that makes this coffee taste better is knowing that the American taxpayer funded it!

IQ/OQ/PQ documentation is available along with full 21 CFR Part 11 data logging and audit trail generation. Don’t let your break room be the weak link in your GMP protocol.

Contact our sales department for a quote today. You can’t put a price on the world’s most precise cup of coffee, but you’d better believe we’re going to try.

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