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Our experts and PhDs work close with our clients to develop a customized solutions for “Better, Faster, Cheaper” service. 


Texray has full range Powder X-ray Diffraction (PXRD) capabilities to analyze powders, coatings, thin films, metals, fabricated objects, and etc.  Our lab is equipped with XRD components such as, multi-position sample changers, grazing incidence attachment, Göbel mirror, and non-ambient temperature stages, for services ranging from routine PXRD to advanced techniques.  We offer several different types of analyses and are equipped to perform most ASTM and NIOSH XRD methods.

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Elemental Analysis

WD-XRF is a highly sensitive instrument we use to analyze elements from Be to U in low ppm concentrations.  We can perform qualitative and quantitative analysis with the use of standard and standard-less calibration methods.  Our XRF is impressively loaded with a high capacity sample changer and 7 crystals for a wide range of samples and elements.  XRF is a great complementary tool to XRD.

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Consultation is available for sample preparation, data analysis, and software/hardware purchases.  We offer remote data analysis for those without software or on a limited budget .  Simply send us your data and we will analyze it for you at low cost.  An expert is alway available for questions or troubleshooting.

Free consultation is available for those looking to purchase instruments, hardware components, and software through our sister company, KS Analytical Systems.

On-Site Training

Our experts can provide education and training on-site or online for instrument safety, software, and data collection and analysis.  Courses are tailored to specific applications, hardware, software, and skill level of each client.  These could be as simple as instrument operation and X-ray theory to complicated Rietveld refinement methods.


For most routine Laboratory Services, 24 & 48-hour turnaround is available.

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